Tools and datasets

As part of our research activities, we develop and make available a number of tools related to our projects. Most of our datasets are also available online or under request.

CAMPS Data Collection Tool

CAMPS Data Collection Tool is a Python program for distributed (client-server) data collection. This project is the result of improvements over past efforts made by our research group in collecting data for scientific analysis.
Author: Flávio Souza
Contributors: Gabriel Magno, Raphael Ottoni, Vinicius Zambaldi

Faster – Super Fast Distributed Computing

Faster is a distributed computing framework based on functional computing. It was designed to be efficient and simple to use.
Author: Matheus Santos

Google+ dataset

The Google+ dataset described in this IMC’12 paper is available in our Google+ project page.
Author: Gabriel Magno

RNet – Realistic Random Network Generator

RNet is a realistic random network generator. It generates social networks from statistical parameters, deliberately assigning a community to each node in order to achieve realistic social behaviors.
Author: Matheus Santos

Urban Opticon

Urban Opticon is a game that shows randomly selected urban scenes and ask players where these scenes are. In so doing, it captures which parts of the cities the players tend to correctly recognize and makes it possible to draw the collective mental map of the cities. A WWW 2013 paper about this tool is also available.
Authors: João Paulo Pesce et al.


Xereta is both (a) a crawler of peoples’ comments in news websites; and (b) a corpus of comments gathered from Brazilian news portals. These tools are extremely useful for many tasks, including linguistic and social research.
Authors: Evandro Cunha and Gabriel Magno