Current research projects

We are currently carrying out research on the following topics:

Language use in social media

We are interested in understanding and characterizing aspects of online communication from a linguistic point of view and using a sociolinguistic approach to language variation.
Group leaders: Prof. Virgilio Almeida and Prof. Marcos André Gonçalves
Members: Evandro Cunha and Gabriel Magno
Selected publications:
- How you post is who you are: Characterizing Google+ status updates across social groups
- He votes or she votes? Female and male discursive strategies in Twitter political hashtags
- Analyzing the dynamic evolution of hashtags on Twitter: A language-based approach

Online privacy

Online privacy involves the right of personal privacy concerning information pertaining to oneself on the Web. We study questions related to privacy disclosure and privacy policies on the Internet and, more specifically, in online social networks.
Group leaders: Prof. Virgilio Almeida
Members: João Paulo Pesce, Gabriel Magno and Evandro Cunha
Selected publications:
- The Right to be Forgotten in the media: A data-driven study
- Beware of what you share: Inferring home location in social networks
- Facebook and privacy: The balancing act of personality, gender, and relationship currency
- Privacy attacks in social media using photo tagging networks: A case study with Facebook

System performance

We develop algorithms and tools to analyze large data produced by social media. To do so, we adopt cutting-edge, high-performance technology like distributed, parallel or heterogeneous processing.
Group leaders: Prof. Virgilio Almeida, Prof. Dorgival Guedes and Prof. Jussara Almeida
Member: Matheus Santos
Selected publications:
- Faster: A low overhead framework for massive data analysis

Urban informatics

Research on urban informatics uses data science resources to understand cities and to propose innovative sollutions to enhance human experience in urban environments.
Group leader: Prof. Virgilio Almeida
Members: João Paulo Pesce, Gabriel Magno and Raphael Ottoni
Selected publications:
- Lightweight contextual ranking of city pictures: Urban sociology to the rescue
- Psychological Maps 2.0: A web engagement enterprise starting in London

User behavior in online social networks

We explore, in a variety of ways, features of user behavior in online social networking systems like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.
Group leaders: Prof. Virgilio Almeida, Prof. Jussara Almeira, Prof. Marcos André Gonçalves and Prof. Wagner Meira Jr.
Members: Evandro Cunha, Gabriel Magno and Raphael Ottoni
Selected publications:
- Dawn of the selfie era: The whos, wheres, and hows of selfies on Instagram
- Noticing the other gender on Google+
- Of pins and tweets: Investigating how users behave across image- and text-based social networks
- New kid on the block: Exploring the Google+ social graph